Finding Relief through Reflexology

Reflexology is my latest obsession! My friend, Sheri Knapp, and I enrolled in a reflexology certification course this fall. We are fascinated by how effective it works. When you work on a course like this with a friend, you begin by trading work, through practice on each other.


My first reflexology session was truly mind opening. I felt energized and balanced after Sheri did her practice session. That night, I slept so well. My patience level seemed to be a little bigger that day.

The entire body is mapped out on the feet and the hands. The nerve endings that lead to all our different organs and glands are located there and by manipulating each point in a specific way, reflexology may help to balance and reboot they entire system.

Reflexology is for the support of the system as a whole, however, specific areas of concern may be focused on during a session. Affecting change this way is a healthy way to support the body during times of chronic illness and pain. The body can better heal when it receives the right support. 

During our certification process, Sheri and I will be offering a student clinic rate (half price) for our reflexology treatments.  Book a session today and see for yourself, just how happy and healthy you can feel!

We are located at 71 Main Street, Suite 2B in beautiful Westminster, MA.

by Charity Parrott, LMT