Relax through your Reflexology Treatment to Reap the Benefits

Relax during reflexology to reap all the benefits of a full body tune up.
by Sheri Knapp

Comfort is key for your reflexology treatment. Arrive comfortably dressed you will just need to expose your feet. We can also practice reflexology on the hands, head, face and ears instead if you prefer. The Balanced Life Massage space is beautiful. Located in downtown Westminster, MA. It’s equipped with your comfort in mind. Temperature control, soothing music and essential oils diffused in the air create a tranquil experience for your treatment. You will be relaxed on the heated massage table. Charity also has a seated table for those who prefer an upright position for comfort.
Relax to reap all the benefits. The more relaxed and quieted you become the more the energy will be able to flow from the pressure points efficiently and smoothly to the corresponding body area. A great way to relax is to focus on your breathing. The calmer and more relaxed you feel the easier the energy in your body will flow. As you tune in to your breathing and your body you may notice how the slight manipulations on your foot correspond with the system we are working on. Feel free to request and adjust for your comfort as we go through the treatment.
The reflexologist will focus on you and make sure you are comfortable before we start and as we go through the 26 reflexology points. A specific pattern is followed on each foot. We will start at the toes which correspond to the head of your body and work through the points working toward the heel which relates to the base of the spine. Each foot takes half an hour starting with a warm up and continuing through the pattern and ending with warm down.
As we manipulate by pressing and other subtle adjustments each reflex point, energy will flow to the corresponding body system to clear up any points of concern such as blockages. Before we start we will go over any health issues or concerns you have and will be able to work more intensely on that specific area to allow the nerve pathways and any blockages to be released. I equate the treatment to a tune up. As we “jump start” all the root nerve points the energy reboots our systems! Each system in some way affects the other so the idea is to balance the nerve pathways to work well together for your better wellbeing.
You may experience tingling throughout your body during the treatment as the energy is moving. As the therapist applies pressure to a specific body area or organ you may feel the energy warming that area and radiating to different body parts as the energy moves to help restore balance to your systems. Some people get chilled as well as the treatment goes along. A general sense of relaxation and well-being is typical during the treatment. Often people report a feeling of systems opening. For instance, my ears felt warm during my latest treatment and felt opened and drained and cleared.
Keep in mind we are tapping into systems in your body that normally are ignored so don’t be surprised if you feel different sensations as the energy is moving to that body area or organ. It is getting extra attention it does not receive normally. It’s okay to respond in any way some people may cough, cry or laugh during treatment or even fall asleep. Just enjoy, let it go and the energy will flow!

Happy Feet, Healthy Body

As I walked into my apartment yesterday after a relaxing reflexology treatment by Charity I said “Hello” to greet the kids. I could hear my voice as if it was amplified. Crystal clear sound vibrations resonated so clearly in my ears it took me by surprise. The sounds were amazing! I was hearing everything clearer than I had heard in a very long time. It was an odd experience and I figured it must have been the reflexology treatment I just had.

Earlier while driving home from my treatment I felt my eustachian tubes opening up a draining sensation and less pressure! I felt at times the noises around me were in surround sound and when I spoke to the kids my voice sounded like I was speaking into a microphone! I told my kids about it and they were surprised as well. By that evening the sounds grew less intense, luckily, because I don’t really love the sound of my voice all day. My hearing was great.

I’m hoping to have Charity work more on that area soon and see what results occur. I have a constant ringing in my ears for the past couple years diagnosed as tinnitus. I have decided to forgo the medication prescribed due to the various side effects. I’m wondering if we can clear that as well. I did some research on the correct pressure points associated with this issue. I look forward to a treatment to see what results! See link

Each time Charity and I practice reflexology I am more encouraged. Already we have both been reaping the benefits received from our treatments. As I heard so clearly, now I understand so clearly that I am heading into an amazing field of study! There is truly much to be said about reflexology as a gentle alternative to medications.

America as a society is waking up to the true benefits of alternative treatments for what ails us. Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will lead to a healthier society as a whole! Studying the ancient art of reflexology is a learning curve with many fascinating possibilities! I can’t wait to explore more and feel honored to be able to help others with reflexology. It’s never to late to learn a new skill.

by Sheri Knapp

Finding Relief through Reflexology

Reflexology is my latest obsession! My friend, Sheri Knapp, and I enrolled in a reflexology certification course this fall. We are fascinated by how effective it works. When you work on a course like this with a friend, you begin by trading work, through practice on each other.


My first reflexology session was truly mind opening. I felt energized and balanced after Sheri did her practice session. That night, I slept so well. My patience level seemed to be a little bigger that day.

The entire body is mapped out on the feet and the hands. The nerve endings that lead to all our different organs and glands are located there and by manipulating each point in a specific way, reflexology may help to balance and reboot they entire system.

Reflexology is for the support of the system as a whole, however, specific areas of concern may be focused on during a session. Affecting change this way is a healthy way to support the body during times of chronic illness and pain. The body can better heal when it receives the right support. 

During our certification process, Sheri and I will be offering a student clinic rate (half price) for our reflexology treatments.  Book a session today and see for yourself, just how happy and healthy you can feel!

We are located at 71 Main Street, Suite 2B in beautiful Westminster, MA.

by Charity Parrott, LMT