Massage Therapy

Experience the reduction in pain and stress that is brought to you through therapeutic touch. You will feel relaxed and reduce painful aches and tightness in your body after your treatment. Regular visits are encouraged to achieve the greatest level of balance in your life.

Relaxation Massage or Swedish Massage is thought of as the most common type of therapeutic massage. The goal of this treatment is to thoroughly relax you, reducing tension, releasing tense muscles. This treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and re-balanced. The environment is warm and inviting, you might experience a heightened sense of calm, simply by entering the space.

The amount of pressure people prefer, during relaxation massage, varies from a light touch to a more firm pressure. We will discuss your preference for pressure before we begin the treatment, our open communication during the treatment will ensure that your expectations are exceeded.  This type of massage therapy is excellent for those who are stressed out and holding tension in their muscles.  

Deep Tissue  Massage Therapy focuses on addressing each layer of the muscle and connective tissue. It is especially effective for stiff neck, sore shoulders, tight lower back muscles and much more.

This treatment tends to move at a slower pace, with a deeper focus on specific regions of the body. Many techniques are employed with the goal of releasing muscle tension, breaking up adhesions, releasing tight fascia tissue and opening up areas of tightness.

After a session, you may feel sore for a day or two. It may feel as if you performed a heavy workout.  This should pass quickly, leaving your tissue healthier than it was before the treatment.  This soreness is easy to avoid by keeping the treatment to a comfortable amount of pressure. This type of massage therapy is for those who might be experiencing shooting pain, tightness and “knots”.

Cupping Massage Therapy stems from the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cupping massage promotes the healing by using therapeutic suction against the tissue. Cups may be used in a vacuuming sort of motion or may be placed in a stationary layout.

Cupping helps to move stagnant fluid toward the lymph nodes and draws tension and pain out of your muscles.  Cupping therapy is available as a 30 minute treatment or added into a deep tissue massage. If you wish to schedule a 60 minutes of massage therapy , combined with 30 minutes of cupping, choose the 90 minute  deep tissue massage option of your choice and please make mention in the “notes” section.

Feet, Head and Hands Massage Therapy is a great option for people who are limited on time. These treatments last 30 minutes. You will remain clothed, only removing socks and shoes.  You will be reclining on our comfortable, heated massage table.  Many clients enjoy a quick, refreshing nap while the therapy is received .Hot towels help to reduce tension in the neck, essential oils are available for a deeper level of relaxation at no additional cost.

This option is a great choice for people short on time, or people who work on the feet all day. This therapy is a great option for those suffering from arthritis in the joints of the hands and feet. Also a great option for people who don’t naturally like therapeutic touch.

Chair Massage is great for the “on the go” person. Scheduling this 20 minute treatment as part of your week, will help reduce holding patterns and encourage the healing of overworked muscles.

Clients remain fully clothed and sometimes even grab a little nap while on the massage chair. Book a chair massage during lunch break and feel great for the rest of the day! Schedule one for your way home from work and enjoy a more restful evening!