Happy Feet, Healthy Body

As I walked into my apartment yesterday after a relaxing reflexology treatment by Charity I said “Hello” to greet the kids. I could hear my voice as if it was amplified. Crystal clear sound vibrations resonated so clearly in my ears it took me by surprise. The sounds were amazing! I was hearing everything clearer than I had heard in a very long time. It was an odd experience and I figured it must have been the reflexology treatment I just had.

Earlier while driving home from my treatment I felt my eustachian tubes opening up a draining sensation and less pressure! I felt at times the noises around me were in surround sound and when I spoke to the kids my voice sounded like I was speaking into a microphone! I told my kids about it and they were surprised as well. By that evening the sounds grew less intense, luckily, because I don’t really love the sound of my voice all day. My hearing was great.

I’m hoping to have Charity work more on that area soon and see what results occur. I have a constant ringing in my ears for the past couple years diagnosed as tinnitus. I have decided to forgo the medication prescribed due to the various side effects. I’m wondering if we can clear that as well. I did some research on the correct pressure points associated with this issue. I look forward to a treatment to see what results! See link http://healingplacemedfield.com/ears-ringing-tinniutus-reflexology-can-help/

Each time Charity and I practice reflexology I am more encouraged. Already we have both been reaping the benefits received from our treatments. As I heard so clearly, now I understand so clearly that I am heading into an amazing field of study! There is truly much to be said about reflexology as a gentle alternative to medications.

America as a society is waking up to the true benefits of alternative treatments for what ails us. Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will lead to a healthier society as a whole! Studying the ancient art of reflexology is a learning curve with many fascinating possibilities! I can’t wait to explore more and feel honored to be able to help others with reflexology. It’s never to late to learn a new skill.

by Sheri Knapp