Testimonials For Balanced Life Massage Therapy

What people are saying about Balanced Life Massage Therapy

I loved my massage, it was fantastic! -Diane L

Charity always works out any musician knots in my shoulders, entire, back, arms, and legs. always a relaxing experience and I make it a point to go every 5 weeks or so. her pressure is perfect, and I highly recommend! =) -Danny C

Woke up this morning with a very stiff shoulder and back, and desperately needed some form of relief. Charity was very accommodating, the space was beautiful, the vibe was relaxing, and the results were fantastic! Feeling much better after one session, and will definitely be returning. She also is very good at pointing out even minor habits that you might not be aware of, that could change your life. Highly recommended, THANK YOU Charity!  -Evan P

After my baby came early, my planned pre-natal massage became a post-partum massage. This was the best gift a new mom could receive! After spending a lot of time hunched over feeding my baby, it was such a relief to have all those knots just dissolve under Charity’s hands. The space is so calming and serene. Charity was so professional and so thorough. I fell asleep twice! I left feeling like a new woman. Highly recommend! -Acacia F

Charity is a wonderful Massage Therapist and is very knowledgable about the human body. She understands just where to massage my back and neck to relieve the tension and tight muscles of fibromyalgia. Each time I go there is a different pain issue she always knows how to address and resolve. I learn something new each time. The space is very calming and convenient right in downtown Westminster. I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed everytime. I would highly recommend Charity! Do your body a favor! -Sheri G

I had my first (but not my last!) visit with Charity today. I had received a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday and I opted for a 90 minute Swedish relaxation massage. It was amazing! I left feeling so relaxed. I will definitely return! -Laura

Had my first massage ever with Charity and I don’t think I could have possibly had a better experience! She is so wonderful and friendly and the atmosphere was so relaxing. My tense muscles were relaxed and my stress levels were reduced dramatically. I was truly impressed with her work! I definitely plan on going back and I highly recommend! Katie H

My first visit to Charity and won’t be my last. Suffering from 10,000 pounds of stress and after 60 minutes of incredible attention and comfortable conversation I can truly say that I haven’t felt better about myself in a long time. Charity is professional but fun and as an athletic trainer I can tell you that she knows her “Stuff”.
She used just the right touch with just the right pressure in just the right places. She has a unique ability to read your body and respond with her touch.
I highly recommend her.   -Alan T

I had a choice to have my massage with Charity the day before going on vacation or waiting to get to my destination where there was an elite spa. I chose to go with Charity. -Raymond M

Fabulous experience! Everything about this safe space and healing woman is amazing. I got a Swedish Massage and marveled at how good I felt afterwards.
Not only is it centrally located and easy to find, but the office is spacious enough to feel at one with yourself and great for meditation, and also cozy enough to relax. Beautiful room and great quality tools–from great oils, a cupping machine and wonderful sheets and blankets (flannel! A great surprise for the winter and something I don’t notice often).
She is intuitive and very good at working our kinks. The conversation as well as the silences were beyond comforting. As she worked she explained possible causes for my pain and gave suggestions on how to prevent their return. An explanation for the cupping machine was especially helpful as I had never had that experience. It was some sort of coolness!
Thank you Charity!!!! -Sasha M

I had my first massage today from Charity. Hands down it was the best one I have ever had in my life! She really listened to what I needed and walked out feeling so good. If you have not gone here before, I would recommend treating yourself. You will not regret it! Thank you! -Chantal S

I have had a Reiki treatment and a massage with Charity in the last couple of weeks. Both of these sessions were really good. I just had my massage today, and it was fantastic! My Reiki treatment was also wonderful. I would recommend Charity for body and energy work with no hesitation. Thank you, Charity for all you do! -Rob F

I LOVE getting a message from Charity. She really takes the time to set up the whole experience—the beauty and serenity of the room, adding the perfect music, and then into the message itself…her technique is awesome. I am left feeling so good throughout my body! -Debbie S

I have a desk job and work on a laptop all day. This wreaks havoc on my body. I love my therapy sessions with Charity. She truly cares about her clients. When I leave the knots and stress have melted away and I feel like a whole new person! -Amanda F

I recently enjoyed a facial at this beautiful establishment. The atmosphere was very relaxing and Charity was both knowledgeable and professional. I’m looking forward to my next facial.   -Gabrielle L

Charity was very accommodating of my schedule and helped a painful shoulder that had been bothering me for over a week. Highly recommended! -Rebecca B

Charity was my doula for my last birth. Her guidance and wealth of knowledge was incredibly valuable and appreciated. During the birth, Charity worked to keep me grounded and strong. Her presence was just what I needed to cope with the contractions and bring my baby into the world. Charity was with me every step of the way, a calm presence for me to lean on. She was never intrusive, and helped my birth experience to be just how I wanted it to be. I highly recommend her. ~Shelly Taft (doula)

Charity’s reiki is nurturing and soothing. She is enthusiastic as well as perceptive. She set up a comfortable and relaxing space for us, and the energy that I received that day sent me into the most balanced few days that I’ve had in a long time. I immediately felt positive and energized, and was contacting her for regular treatments very soon after my first!”~Jennie

Charity was very flexible for my wife and I and met at our home for two childbirth classes. My wife and I have busy schedules and Charity walked us through the process, answered all our questions and provided us with lots of information and details of what to expect very efficiently. After completing her childbirth classes, my wife and I felt very confident with what to expect and what/how Charity was going to coach us through it. Charity was fantastic for our family, she was warm, engaging, and helped both of us relax and prepare for our daughter. ~Jonathan L.

Charity knew just when to step in and physically provide support, and when to fade into the background. She helped me support my wife and made the experience better for me, also. ~Mike R.

After the birth of our daughter, Charity came to our home to do the placenta encapsulation. She cooked, dried, ground up the placenta, and encapsulated it all within the same day, providing my wife with nearly a two month supply of capsules! As efficient as Charity was, she was fantastic with being careful and sanitary with treating the placenta and making sure my wife would benefit from the entire placenta. Her encapsulation technique helped my wife recover very quickly and helped her to experience a fun and precious first two months with our daughter.  ~Jonathan L

I’m so glad I had Charity as my doula! When I first met her, she had a lot of enthusiasm and energy. She made me feel very comfortable immediately. We discussed what her role during a labor would be and the different relaxation modalities she would use. It was the first time I wasn’t dreading the whole labor process, but actually saw it as an amazing experience and challenge. My anxiety around labor and delivery was reduced significantly and I actually looked forward to birthing my son!

During my labor, Charity was very supportive and nurturing with her words. She encouraged me through each contraction and cheered me on. She never made my husband feel left out; she would encourage him to hold me when appropriate and offer suggestions. They worked together to make sure I was hydrated and as comfortable as possible. She knew when to massage my muscles and to remind me to relax my tense muscles. She helped me change positions when I needed, so the labor didn’t seem as strenuous or long. The aromatherapy offered a very calming element; it took away sterility of a hospital.

When it came time for me to push, she and my husband reassured me that I wouldn’t hurt myself; that even though it seemed like forever, nature was taking its course and both my body and baby knew what to do. In the end I was able to birth my son after 4 hrs of active labor without any medicine! My husband and I couldn’t have done it without Charity. I will definitely recommend her to others! ~Wendy H