Prenatal Services

Pregnancy Massage Therapy or Prenatal Massage Therapy is also commonly referred to as prenatal massage. With over seven years experience in the field of pregnancy and childbirth, Charity specializes in prenatal massage! My goal is to support you and your baby, both physically and emotionally, thorough this transitional time.

Prenatal massage will help release sore muscles, relax tight ligaments and reduce the stress that pregnancy brings to your body and mind. You will feel secure and nurtured in our warm, inviting space. Your body will be supported thoroughly with many pillows. You will feel warm and cozy under a soft blanket.

Our prenatal massage treatments offer relief for areas of tension and deep relaxation with long, flowing strokes. We pay special attention to areas that compensate for your changing body. Your lymph system will be assisted in processing and releasing the excess fluid that leads to swelling in your extremities.

Postpartum Massage Therapy is just the thing to help you begin to feel like yourself again. At Balanced Life Massage Therapy, we are very mother/baby friendly. You are welcomed to bring your newborn to your appointment, making it more possible for new moms to receive the care they need and deserve.

Postpartum massage appointment include 60 minutes each but we reserve 90 minutes of time. This ensures that you have time for your treatment, but also time to care for baby during your treatment, if need be.

Most babies sleep during the postpartum massage treatment, due to the soft music, relaxing aromatherapy and zen energy of the treatment room. If your baby decides to be awake, or need to eat, Charity will assist you in positioning the baby comfortable with you on the table and will carry on with your treatment while the baby nurses or sleeps. Whatever we need to do, to make your time nurturing, is what we do!

Postpartum massages make a perfect gift!

Birth Doula Services are available to prenatal massage therapy clients. A  birth doula is a trained woman who attends to you with physical, emotional and informational support through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. We provide 24/7 phone support and continuous labor support.

Charity meets with you during your pregnancy and learns all about your goals and dreams for your birth experience. We work one on one through your labor and birth to help you reduce interventions and accomplish a birth experience that is safe and empowering.

Charity also supports all the members of the family. Doula are great at helping your partner better support you. The process of childbirth can be a bit overwhelming, not only for moms, but for the family as well. Hiring a birth doula  helps to ensure that you have a well trained, nurturing trail guide alongside you the entire way.

Doulas  provide support for breastfeeding mother and are a bounty of information and referrals for all of your postpartum recovery.

Charity provided  birth doula services to her massage clients only. She joins the family in early labor and accompanies them to the birth facility of their choosing. Birth doulas are not a substitute for midwives and physicians, but rather a complimentary service.

Birth Doula Service Fee: Birth doula services include a prenatal meeting to discuss birthing goals, continuous care though the birth process, 24/7 phone support during pregnancy and a postpartum meeting. Prenatal and postpartum meetings are held in the office. Fees for doula services are $1,500. The earlier you hire your doula, the more support you will receive for this fee, so don’t delay.

An introductory meeting is offered to prospective doula clients at no fee in my Westminster office.

Charity only serves one family per month as a doula, so reserve your spot early!

Book your introductory doula meeting online. I look forward to meeting with you and your birth partner.

Placenta Encapsulation Services are available to support you during your postpartum period. Through encapsulation, we preserve the healing properties of your placenta into pill form, for easy digestion.

Mothers who wish to encapsulate their placenta are encouraged to fill out the contact form and we can go over all the details and specifics of your encapsulation process.

Encapsulation fees are $250.  Charity will travel up to 45 minutes to provide this service.  Questions are welcomed, hope to hear from you today!

Due to the time specific nature of this service, online booking is not available for this service. Please use the contract page and Charity will call to discuss the specific details of your birthing plans.