Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing is the ancient art of using connective touch and healing intentions, to help re-balance energy flow and reduce tension.

Charity was attuned to reiki through the Usui lineage. The energy of unconditional love flows through her hands into your body, helping to realign your body and spirit so you may achieve a more balance state of being. Charity is a level III Reiki Master/Teacher.

Each energy zone, or chakra, corresponds to different parts of the human experience. For example, grief and heartbreak may cause imbalance in the heart chakra zone or chest region. Not speaking your truth, or holding your tongue, may cause a blockage in your throat chakra  or neck region.

By receiving reiki, your energy zones will be individually treated for a goal of release of negative emotions or blockages and a re-balancing of your zones, from head to toe.

This treatment is done while you are completely clothed. You will be reclining comfortably on a heated massage table.  A blanket is provided to ensure your comfort. Some crystals and stones may be offered, depending on the goals of the treatment. Gentle, chakra balancing music will be playing.

You will be offered a smudging or clearing of you energy through the burning of white sage before your treatment begins. This smudging is completely optional. You will also learn how to set down a grounding cord and use protections to better manage your energy centers for the future. Many clients find this act of grounding and setting protections to be a useful tool for life in general.